Fan Commentaries

City of the Living Dead FAN COMMENTARY CK and Capt join forces to fight off the undead Digi-Download!
The Lucio Fulci CLASSIC!!

'Thems Real Pig Guts Bawgod'!!

Only $3.00
"A Great commentary check out while you are eating some chili"

Twas lost but now its found, long lost commentary originally recorded in 2012 with CK and Uncle available for the first time in nearly 10 years, just in time for Valentines Day!!

'That Canadian Baby is going to Fart Out Maple Syrup'!!

Only $3.00
"A Great commentary to check out with your Sweetheart"

DEADPIT LIVE DRUNKEN COMMENTARY Hell of the Living Dead Digi-Download!
This is a live commentary from the 2014 Fright Night Film Fest in Louisville KY. Join CK, UB and The B-Plan as they take a drunken look at one of the worst Zombie films thats ever been put to film, Vincent Dawn's Hell of the Living Dead'!

'Who wants to toss my salad and peel my potato?'!!

Only $3.00
"It's well worth it"

DEADPIT FAN COMMENTARY Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday Digi-Download!
The series went to complete Hell when this film was released in 1993, believe it or not one of the most requested commentaries we've NEVER done...until now that is!!

'This movie gives my balls acne'!!

Only $3.00
"I'm going to shit in your oatmeal"

DEADPIT FAN COMMENTARY John Carpenter's The Thing Digi-Download!
One of John Carpenter's most beloved films from 1982, a little sci-fi, a lot of horror.
CK and UB dive in this commentary that will surely leave you thirsting for more!!

'This is only three years before Kurt Russell would make the cult classic Overboard'!!

Only $3.00
"I bet her anal tastes like strawberries"

DEADPIT DRUNKEN COMMENTARY Adam Green's 'Hatchet' Digi-Download!
One of the most overrated slasher films of the last 10 years was Adam Green's Hatchet.
Since their initial viewing CK & UB have despised the movie with great vengeance...this is the second time seeing said turd of a film!!

'This is the big scene right here motherfucker, this is the scene where he eats that girls ass'!!

Only $3.00
"You wanted to go to ol Shitty Billy Ray's"

DEADPIT FAN COMMENTARY Lucio Fulci's 'The Beyond' Digi-Download!
One of the best Fulci films and our very first commentary on Euro Horror is now available available...BUY BUY BUY, BOZ!!

'That little girl is super ginger, she liked to snort cocaine out of ass'!!

Only $2.99
"Fabio Spaghetti over there!"

DEADPIT DRUNKEN COMMENTARY Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 Digi-Download!
Simply put one of the worst remakes of all time, and a much requested DRUNKEN DEADPIT commentary is finally available...BUY BUY BUY!!

'It doesn't feel good up there Freddy, please take it out'!!

Only $2.99
"Worst Commentary Ever!"

DEADPIT DRUNKEN COMMENTARY Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003 Digi-Download!
The long awaited drunken commentary on one of the most despised remakes in the annals of American History!!

'Leatherface is into the anal'!!

Only $2.99
"I have a gun in my vagina!"

DEADPIT FAN COMMENTARY Silent Night Deadly Night part 2 Digi-Download!
Eric Freeman's unbelievable eyebrow acting is showcased in this long awaited sequel to the 1984 cult classic!

It's almost as good as the sex scene in 'Backroads'!!

Only $2.99
"I Have A British Man Speaking Out of My Vagina!"

DEADPIT FAN COMMENTARY Land of the Dead Digi-Download!
The beginning of the end of George A Romero's career is with this 2005 atrocity!

I hope he's not working on anymore zombie movies!!!

Only $3.00
"Lets name all of the characters after Canadian cities"

DEADPIT DRUNKEN COMMENTARY Rob Zombie's Halloween (Unrated) Digi-Download!
You requested it so here it is the UNRATED cut of Rob Zombie's 2007 disaster-piece known as Halloween!

Jagerbombs over Paintsville...The Drunkest Commentary of 2011!

Only $2.99
"I gotta go pee again!"

DEADPIT LIVE Burial Ground Fan Commentary Digi-Download!
*Live from Fright Night Film Fest 2010* Although the audio isn't perfect quality its become a fan favorite!!!

with Creepy Kentuckian, Michael 'Slipcase' Felsher and more!!

Only $1.00
"Ma Ma!"

DEADPIT/Twilight Drunken Commentary Digi-Download!
C'mon...drink with me!!!

DEADPIT Drunken Commentaries return with sparklin' vampires!

Only $2.99
"When is it going to end!"

DEADPIT/Hostel Drunken Commentary Digi-Download!
As Brutal as Brutal Gets!!

The very first DEADPIT Drunken Commentary for the Eli Roth classic!

Only $2.99
"I gotta go pee!"

DEADPIT/The Fog Drunken Commentary Digi-Download!
Theres Something In The Fog...It's SHIT!!

A REALLY drunken commentary from The DEADPIT boys!!

Only $2.99
"I have no idea whats going on, who those people are and why I'm watching this!"

DEADPIT/Halloween II Fan Commentary Digi-Download!
The Night Michael Myers Came Back Home!!

Originally Featured on the 2009 Big Ass Halloween Bash!

Only $2.99
"I think he's farting in that hot tub!"

DEADPIT/The Return of the Living Dead Audio Commentary Digi-Download!
The Quintessential Zomedy of the 1980's!

They're back from the grave, ready to party and this time they have KFC!!

Only $2.99
"Thankfully Dan O'Bannon went back and re-wrote John Russo's script!!"

DEADPIT/Creepshow Audio Commentary Digi-Download!
From Stephen King and George A. Romero!

Meteor Shit!!

Only $2.99
"Looks like Ted Danson has been sucking on a door knob!"

DEADPIT/Terminator 2 Audio Commentary Digi-Download!
The Best Action Film Ever with DEADPIT commentary!

Hasta La Vista...Dickass!

Only $3.99
"Condoms Dipped in Oatmeal?!"

DEADPIT/Troll 2 Audio Commentary Digi-Download!
The Best Bad Movie Of All Time!

Help Defeat the Forces of Evil with a Baloney Sandwich!

Only $2.99
"She seduces the guy with some corn!"

DEADPIT/Halloween Audio Commentary Digi-Download!
John Carpenter's Original classic from 1978!

The Night He Came Home...Originally!

Only $2.99
"Whoever said that Jamie Lee Curtis was a
hermaphrodite needs their ass whipped!"

DEADPIT/Phantasm Audio Commentary Digi-Download!
Don Coscarelli's original classic!

The Thrillbillies discuss 1979's Phantasm

Only $2.99
"You play a good game boy...and so do the jawas"

DEADPIT/Dawn of the Dead Audio Commentary Digi-Download!
You asked for you got it!

CK and UB talk over Romero's Cult Classic from 1978!

Only $3.99
"He used to fry bacon and crack farts"

DEADPIT/Friday the 13th Audio Commentary Digi-Download!
This is your unlucky day!

A fan favorite!

Only $2.99
"It's like fucking a teddy bear"

DEADPIT/Halloween 6: The Curse Of Michael Myers Audio Commentary Digi-Download!
Never Before Heard, ONLY available on DEAD-MART!

The fans demanded it is!

Only $2.99
"Marianne Hagan needs a good tongue bathing"

DEADPIT/Night of the Living Dead Audio Commentary Digi-Download!

Download and watch this iconic film with CK & UB!

Only $2.99
"They're Comin' To Get Yee...Baw God"

DEADPIT/Friday the 13th part V Audio Commentary Digi-Download!

download now...and listen any time you like!

Only $2.99
"Get In Here Junior and eat your fuckin' Slop!"

DEADPIT/Maximum Overdrive Audio Commentary Digi-Download!

Own the commentary you haven't listen to at any time you like!

Make payments with PayPal - Download with PayLoadz

Only $2.99
"Stephen King is a damn genius!"

DEADPIT/Cabin Fever Audio Commentary Digi-Download!

Now you can own the listen to at any time you like!

Make payments with PayPal - Download with PayLoadz

Only $2.99
"It Makes The Movie halfway watchable!!"

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