An Evening With DEADPIT Episode 2

Episode 2: Crowd Blunders, Royal Rumble and 2016 Horrors!

The wait is finally here folks, the 2nd episode of 'An Evening With DEADPIT' has arrived, this week we do a rundown on 2016 horror films, an update on the Popcorn IndieGoGo Campaign from 2012 and how it has little if nothing to do with the recent Synapse announcement as well as CK and UB's preview of the upcoming WWE Royal Rumble event in San Antonio...all of this and a bag of tator chips this week on 'An Evening With', only here at !


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  1. Hahahaha..... Cool I was just checking out of the blue to see if their was anything new on here an holy fuck sweet baby Jesus my lucky day thx guys :)

  2. Hey guys, welcome back! I enjoyed the POPCORN (1991) DVD / Blu-Ray announcement from SYNAPSE. I'll probably be picking it up @ some point. What I DIDN'T enjoy was the politics discussion @ the beginning of the show. It was totally inappropriate. It really turned me off. Especially, when Aaron said that the people who are right-wing and / or Trump supporters are sad people. Yes, I supported Trump & I like horror movies! So what! I also come from the coal region in Central Pennsylvania where coal is dominant in our way of life! Believe it or not, MORE Democrats voted for Trump in our area whereas, they usually vote strait Democrat in other elections. It's apparent he struck a chord to MANY people, including Democrat voters! My family votes THE PERSON NOT THE PARTY! We are VERY PROUD of our coal region heritage! I like you guys & your shows but I think you should leave politics out of the discussions. You're alienating some of your fan base when politics are entered into the discussion. Yes, You're entitled to your opinion as well as I am but there are consequences when you open your mouth as I'm sure I'll be lambasted for my comments. Please, have a little more consideration for your fans by NOT bringing politics into the equation.

    Take Care,


    1. They don't care what you think shut up

    2. So it's 'inappropriate' to speak your mind on something that somebody may disagree with? How hypocritical of you. Deadpit has literally insulted hundreds of actors, directors, various Kentuckians, internet personalities, and politicians but THIS one is the untouchable one? Shaddup.

      Btw, I supported Trump because I'm a Jew and I don't like the idea of massive Muslim immigration, but I'm not going to be a self-righteous prick about it.

    3. This show fucking blows politics or not...its a dead fuck!

  3. Hey just to let you 2 know talk about what ever you want I don't mind at all, I dont always agree with what you have to say about movies or where Horror is at, an I may not always agree with your political say, but I dont care it all sounds good to just hear whatever you 2 wanna bullshit about, very good show and cant wait till another 3 months for the next show.

    And the Miz is winning the Rumble lol Jericho would be cool an for a good story but I have a feeling Miz gets it to face AJ. an AJ might loose to only get it back at the Chamber next month.

  4. We've always talked about what we wanted, and after 11 plus years whats the point of stopping. Episode 3 is dropping VERY soon!

  5. It's awesome you are starting to come back and doing more shows even if they are just about random stuff. Btw I was AndyTheZombie on the message boards years ago.