DEADPIT Radio - 10 Year Anniversary / The Finale

January 22nd, 2016
This is it, the very last episode of DEADPIT Radio as you know it. Please listen in for the very last time with The Creepy Kentuckian, Uncle Bill and The B Plan to a nearly 2 hour final episode taking your phonecalls on all things, DEADPIT Moments, the passing of genre icon Angus Scrimm and much more only on DEADPIT.COM!!


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  1. Part of me hopes this is a repeat.

    Some years back you guys took an extended hiatus; no real horror news to report and you guys were getting a bit burnt out. That this might be the same.

    Please do. Breaks are needed, revitalize.

    I hope.

    Love the show - you guys have a program that is unique and fun. And there is still so much life left in it.


  2. I hope this isn't the end either. I know life gets in the way of things, but its going to be a huge loss in many people's lives...even once a month would be ok with me if that's all you guys can do

  3. Been a (mostly) silent fan since 2007. I really hate to see Deadpit end, but if your heart is not in it anymore, then you gotta do the best for you.

    Either way, I'm going to stay subscribed on iTunes in hopes that you guys periodically drop episodes.

  4. I really hope you guys make at least a show a year. As a fan since the beginning who has also lost an intrest in the genre, but I've still always been happy to listen to new episode. I consider you two to be good friends I've never met. Anyways, thanks for everything.

  5. Bummed about this, but I can totally understand. There have been a few good mainstream horror movies here and there, but not enough to base a whole show around. If the genre isn't dead, it's at least on life support.

  6. A final thing that I forgot to say.

    Your argument is that there isn't enough new mainstream horror, content to talk about.

    My counterpoint is - you guys are the content. We can get movie news anywhere on the net. We listen because of your chemistry, the banter.

    Okay, I've said my peace.

  7. If not the radio show- I would love to see the guys continue with the occassional youtube Q&A. Or a few random commentaries. I would also enjoy hearing their thoughts on a wide variety of shows/movies- not just horror.

  8. It's ok guys you just grew up Wes you got married nice and Aaron with Jess years back. Well that's when it started I knew this was going to happen but I tell you what you guys gave me some good entertainment you boys know your stuff when it comes to horror I hope you guys come back and Friday will not be the same with out you boys I wish you Wes and Aaron all the best. your friend CHRIS HAMBRICK ;)

  9. Whatever you guys decide to do, its been a great run and you put out a excellent podcast.