DEADPIT Radio - Big Gay Bill's Big Gay Boat Ride!

July 3rd, 2015
A Monumental edition of everyone's favorite horror show, with discussions on gay rights, fans continuing to be anally raped by their heroes and an indepth discussion on just exactly why its not okay to be gay in the South. This edition of the show is more like an (un PC) NPR program, but hey...we talk about horror too!! Enjoy!!


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  1. I enjoy your non-horror talks (minus the wrestling). You both have a fun and intelligent conversations, PC free bull shit. I would like to hear your thoughts on the West Coast water crisis - living through that now.

    The gay marriage situation reminds me of those pharmacist who refused to sell RU88 (the abortion pill) on the grounds of religious (dogmatic) beliefs; Arkansas, Mississippi, Idaho, South Dakota, Arizona and Georgia. A bunch of malcontents, it's not their jobs to dictate morality.

    Anyhow, as I understand (I'm a Californian). The Civil War happened over slavery, but that was just a facet of the South's anger. The main woe was the North telling them what they had to do - getting into their personal business. Mandating changes to their way of life that had gone on for generations.

    Which is what's happening now.

    One of the best answers I've ever read on Christianity - why they hate porn. Why they're so passinate about enacting their will on others. I'm an atheist by the way.

    God/Creator lays down these rules to Man. Obey and do not deviate. Judgement Day happens, God comes down and sees that Gays and Porn are allowed to exist and have thrived. 'I gave you MY laws, you failed to respect me. You are shunned from my Kingdom.' This keeps them up at night. They have to be stopped (Gays and porn) or their Christian eternity will be taken from them. This is their burden; the present, past and future.

  2. I don't believe the next civil war in this country will be started by Christians.

    Many Christians in this country still hate gays, atheists, transsexuals, feminists, followers of other religions, etc. but most aren't willing to KILL over that stuff.

    Now, I'm not a bigot. I wish Muslims peace and happiness like anyone else. But when the gov. tries to force mosques to marry gays. That shit will go REAL bad, REAL quick.

    The Koran is basically like an unofficial sequel to the Old Testament. Christian live by the New Testament. The OT says that gays are to be put to death (Leviticus 20:13), as well as adulterers (Leviticus 20:10), witches (Exodus 22:18) and so on.

    Muslims STILL believe in that! Not all of them, sure. There are those who don't take their religion too seriously. But many DO believe it. And they WILL kill for their religion. They've proven that already. In the Mideast and North Africa and Indonesia.

    And guess what the Koran says about other religions, like Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, etc...

    Surat-at Tawbah 9:123 says they are to be fought against. War. Jihad.