1. I am a new listener and I really dig the show.
    I have been going back and listening to the old shows.
    I just heard one from April 15, 2011.
    You guys reviewed and ripped apart a bunch of shitty independent films.
    your comments were hysterical and spot on.

    You mentioned you might do this type of show again- (once a year.)
    I really hope you do.

    I have also been tearing through all the youtube stuff.
    IMO- On The Road is the most enjoyable movie review since the heyday of Siskel & Ebert.
    With a little more production value- you should be able to sell the
    concept as a show to a Cable network. (Vh1 or Spike, IFC, even late
    night AMC- all seem like a perfect fit. )
    I use to work in NYC filming specs, sizzle reels and pitching shows to
    networks- trust me- you guys are MUCH more earnest and entertaining than the pretentious
    crap I had to work on.

    Slippy Felsher are you listening? Produce a sizzle for these boys!

    I haven't had a chance to buy and listen to any of the commentaries
    yet- but I plan to do so this Halloween season.
    Any more planned?


  3. Tune in the Deadpit - Brandon D

  4. i swear to christ they did a long interview with julie strain and damn it i cant find it .

    1. rip queen of the b's (more like the d's lol) and not queen b like beyonce,you are far hotter,well were :( always will be to me JS :)

  5. where do i go to get the myspace sessions ect?


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