DEADPIT Patreon / Soft Launch

More tiers will be available within the coming weeks, however the base $5 tier is where we want to focus for now. I hope you guys enjoy the show enough to experience the closest thing you will ever get to what we had talked about years ago...that was DEADPIT Premium. The Patreon page will have EVERY episode of DEADPIT Radio from 2005-2010 and in updated private RSS feed for the classic shows, and just an overall easier layout and functionality than we had on the HTML archive. Also access to DEADPIT YouTube before anyone else, and a special thank you at the end of each YouTube video. We appreciate all of the support over the years and this year has been one that has rejuvenated our love for the genre and in the coming months ahead the show and content on the site and everything associated with it will blow your damn mind... we promise. As of right now, the first 10 episodes are archived and we have two new reviews that you can view before they go live on YouTube. David Cronenberg's Shivers and Halloween H20 are availble to watch RIGHT NOW on the DEADPIT Patreon. Stick around for the ride, won't you? Also we are very open for suggestions on what to add, we have pretty much everything saved if we can track it down.

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  1. i got every 2005-2010 ep downloaded years ago ill sell em for free bozz lol